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Strip That Fat – Complete Strip That Fat Review

Posted on : 26-04-2011 | By : admin | In : Burn Fat, Strip That Fat, Strip That Fat Review

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If You Are Interested In Buying Strip That Fat Then This Is The Most Important Page You’ll Ever See….Keep Reading


Strip That Fat


What is Strip That Fat?

Strip That Fat is a comprehensive online diet system. Goal is to help people lose weight using natural techniques and methods that leverage their own bodies’ capabilities.



There are three key elements in Strip That Fat

  1. Strip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide – An eBook explaining everything, including the diet principles and the importance of exercise. The eBook is quite simply one of the most comprehensive, complete and precise guides to help burn fat you will ever read.
  2. STF Personalized Diet Generator The web-based diet generator that gives you a customized 14-day meal plan based on the foods you like to eat.
  3. You If you don’t plan to make some changes in your life by following the diet plan, then there’s no point in you buying the book – you’ll be wasting your money.



About Cara, the STF Dieting, Exercise and Nutritional Advisor

Cara MI am Cara M., a certified personal trainer as well as a certified specialist in fitness nutrition.  I have been interested in Fitness and Nutrition all my life and I have been working with people like you since late 2008, helping them meet their weight loss goals.

What makes Strip That Fat so much different from all the other Fat Diet Guides on the market?

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Why you should join Strip That Fat?

Benefit #1 Community and Support

Within the Strip That Fat Platinum membership, you’ll get access to the forum where you can talk to people with the same issues, get answers to your questions, and best of all, keep you motivated.

Benefit #2 Diet Generator

This is unique software that allows you to create your own diet from the foods you like to eat.  The more foods you pick, the more varied your meal plans will be.  The Diet Generator is geared to losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks–the healthy way.

Benefit #3 Strip That Fat Long Term Diet Plan

Losing weight and keeping it off is not a quick fix, more like an entire lifestyle change.  In the more than 90 page Strip That Fat Dieting Guide, you’ll learn how lose weight naturally by learning what to eat and when to eat, why your last diet didn’t work for you, and how to train your mind for long term weight loss.

Benefit #4 100% Guaranteed

Strip That Fat has a 100% guarantee.  If you don’t lose weight, you get your money back.  So, only thing you got to lose is weight!

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What’s inside Strip That Fat?

Gold Membership 62% Savings – Regular $99Now $37

Strip That Fat GoldStrip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide (95 pages)

Strip That Fat is the eBook that really leads you by the hand. This step-by-step approach makes it easy for you to make the changes in your life that will guarantee 100% that you’ll lose weight. It focuses on making changes one at a time. Changing one habit at a time to the point where you’re living a lifestyle that will make that weight come off.

STF Personalized Diet Generator

The Diet Generator does all the thinking for you. Choose the foods that you want to eat, plug it into the system and your diet will be created for you. This tool includes both a printable shopping list and a printable diet outline. You can create as many “completely unique” diets as you want with this amazing software!



Platinum Membership 67% Savings – Regular $129 Now $57

Strip That Fat PlatinumStrip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide (95 pages)

STF Personalized Diet Generator

Calworries Guide (15 pages) – A 2nd Foolproof Diet Program

This e-Book will help you to create your own diet menu without using STF Personalized Diet Generator after you lose major weight through 14 days diet sessions. It tells exactly how to manage weight through balanced diet and exercise.

Calorie Counting Worksheet

Calorie Counting Worksheet makes weight loss process more systematic and disciplined. It helps to keep track of the calorie intake and calories burned by your body, in other words this gives you a more clear idea of your fat burning rate giving you more control over weight loss.

Living Life Healthy Guide – 30 Healthy Recipes

The recipes in this guide comply well with the Strip That Fat Diet System and at the same time they are easy and quick to prepare.

Extra Hidden Bonuses You Can’t See On The Sales Page

31 Weight Loss Tricks Get Rock Hard Abs

The Strip That Fat Diet Program is really all you need, but the extra bonuses do help to make things easier.

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Who will benefit most from Strip That Fat?

Everyone who are determined to see the difference in their health – women and men, young and old, people with just a little weight to lose, and those who are obese.

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The Good and The Bad


  • Diet generator that you can use over and over
  • Online community and blog for extra support
  • Instant access
  • Only one-time charge – No monthly membership fees
  • Money back guarantee
  • Intended to achieve long term weight loss success


  • English only
  • Some of the supplements can be hard to find from local stores
  • You got to be committed to make it work
  • For busy people it may be hard to find enough time to eat 5 meals per day and also exercise

The Bottom Line


Anyone looking for a quick fix solution to weight loss, anyone looking to be told fairy tales, anyone looking for a “magic bullet”, pills, over the counters, hyped up programs should not waste his or her time with Strip That Fat.

On the other hand, anyone searching for the truth about losing weight and who is ready and willing to put in some work and make the lifestyle changes necessary to solve weight problems, will find Strip That Fat to be one of the best investments they ever made in their lives.

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Burn Fat And Gain Muscle With 4 Simple Steps

Posted on : 20-04-2011 | By : admin | In : Burn Fat

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You might think it is hard to burn fat and gain muscle – it isn’t. However these are the two most important factors in building a strong, healthy body. Your body is storing excess calories as fat. You can train your body to burn them instead and you can work out to build up your muscles. With the right methods, it is easy to do, so here are the best ways to lose fat and build muscle.

Step 1

The very first practice you need to become skilled is to teach your body how to use extra fat. Your body knows how much calories are coming in, and how much your activity are capable to burn those calories up. What your body doesn’t know is what your future calorific intake will be, so it tends to store extra calories as fat. What your body desires is working out to keep the fat burning off. You can stimulate your body by running, swimming or cycling. There is no doubt that skipping is one of the best ways to burn fat, if not the best. If you practice skipping for fifteen minutes, you will probably find it the hardest 15 minutes of your training career!


Step 2

As a complement to these simple forms of workouts you will need to start eating as healthy as possible – you will need a fat diet. You will also need to add some resistance training to your program which often means lifting weights at a gym. Weight lifting gives your muscles more strength, and increase the muscle mass. This leads to a boost in the speed at which calories are burned. Combine this with the reduced calories from your improved diet, and you ought to see a dramatic development in your physical condition.


Step 3

At this point, you can boost your food intake. You should see rapid fat loss from the earlier step, as your muscles get bigger and your waist gets slimmer. Eventually you will reach a point where your metabolism will be trying to lose fat and grow muscles. However your body has a natural tendency to burn muscle tissue. Occasionally you might feel drossiness, lethargy, lack of interest in training or lack of motivation. These are symptoms of your body burning muscle instead of fat.


Step 4

As you progress, you will need to step up your cardio exercises and weight training. You need to continually increase the amount of weight you use. Find a weight which you can only lift around 6 times, and keep practicing lifting until you can lift the weight more than six times. When you can lift the weight ten times with relative ease, it is time to increase the weight again. At this point, you can also add protein supplements. Muscles need protein to rebuild them after a strenuous workout, so take in protein food as soon as you can. This can help you lose fat and gain muscle by repairing the muscle quickly. Protein is the nutrient which aids muscle repair, and this stimulates growth as your exercise program continues.

With these four steps you will be able to train your body, first to burn fat, and then to sustain muscle growth.

Strip That Fat – Couple of Things You Should Know

Posted on : 17-04-2011 | By : admin | In : Burn Fat, Strip That Fat, Strip That Fat Review

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Just a few days ago I promised to give you more information about Strip That Fat diet system. I did a little research and this is what I found…

Who is behind this system?

First I wanted to know about the owners of this program. What did I do? I asked them.

I got an answer:

I am Cara M., a certified personal trainer as well as a certified specialist in fitness nutrition.  I have been interested in Fitness and Nutrition all my life and I have been working with people like you since late 2008, helping them meet their weight loss goals.

The STF Diet Team includes:

  • nutritionists (Cara)
  • trainers (Cara)
  • researchers (to improve their product offering and content)
  • support (Cara again)
  • programmers (to constantly improve their system)

What about users?

Next I was searching actual users, and their thoughts about this system.

I found some and here is what they are saying:


Seems very promising to me. But can Strip That Fat really help me to burn fat from my waist?

You should stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meals, whole grains and low fat dairy, but that is just the beginning!  It is important to know about the foods you are eating, how many calories they hold, and when you should be eating them.

Their diet program seems to cover this all.  It goes into detail about carbohydrates, fats and proteins, how to find the best foods for you, and how to make yummy, satisfying meals from those healthy foods.  It also includes a diet generator that will generate your weekly meal plans and provide you with a grocery list of items you need to buy.

Here is an example of a daily meal plan:

  • Meal 1 Omlette w/ toast
  • Meal 2 Home made fruit salad
  • Meal 3 Grilled chicken w/ green beans
  • Meal 4 Hard boiled eggs
  • Meal 5 Chicken, walnut & mango salad.

You can select the food you like and then the system generates daily plans for you. There is a good variety of foods to choose from.


I’m going to give Strip That Fat a chance, after all what do I got to lose? They have full 60 days money back guarantee. If it doesn’t help me I can get a full refund…


Click Here to Learn More About Strip That Fat!

Burn Fat Fast – Two Best Ways to Lose Fat

Posted on : 14-04-2011 | By : admin | In : Burn Fat

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Every person who has constantly tried to lose weight has almost certainly tried just about all they could to do it at one time or another. With all of the gimmicks, fad diets, ineffective pills, and “top secret” workout methods out there it can be frustrating trying to get rid of unwanted fat.

Nowadays everyone knows that there certainly is no mystery or secret system to losing weight. Everybody knows that appropriate fat diet combined with exercises is the only real approach to burn fat but you can do a couple of things to speed up the process a bit.

# 1) Work out first thing in the morning.

Studies have revealed that you can lose as much as 3 times more fat when you exercise first thing in the morning rather than any other time of the day. One of the reasons for this is because carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source during the day. There are many bodily functions that take place during sleep, and when you have slept for 6 to 8 hours your body has used the majority of its carbohydrate stores as energy.

When you wake up your body doesn’t have any carbohydrates left for energy and so fat becomes the major energy source. You have to work out right away in the morning before you eat breakfast.  As there are any carbohydrates left to use as energy your body will use mostly fat for energy and that is the primary goal.

As well when you work out in the morning it boosts your metabolism up all over the day which means that even throughout the day you will burn extra calories and lose more weight. Late afternoon workout will still burn fat but you will have a higher carbohydrate store so you will not burn as much in addition when you go to sleep at night your metabolism slows down and so you won’t lose extra fat for as long after work out.

One last reason why working out in the morning is good is for the reason aside from losing more fat and having increased energy levels during the daytime; you don’t have to exercise after a long working day.

#2) Do not miss breakfast.

Eating breakfast will help to boost your metabolism while skipping breakfast and waiting until mid morning or lunchtime will make it decelerate considerably. Another factor to bear in mind is that waiting too long to eat after you wake up will make your body break down muscle tissue (catabolism) for the protein it will be looking for.

When combined with morning workout, eating breakfast is like a double dose of fat loss because when your body gets a morning meal, it is like putting a log on your metabolisms fire. Breakfast kicks your metabolism into high gear and makes you lose even more fat than you did during your training session.

By eating breakfast you also are much less likely to have those mid morning chocolate bars or whatever you can get from the snack machine when you get to work. When you combine breakfast with morning workout, it is the best thing you can offer yourself for maximum fat burning and energy.

Bear in mind; work out for at least 30 minutes first thing in the morning and eat a decent breakfast about 15 to 20 minutes after your exercises and you will burn fat. This means that you are able to lose a lot more weight both during workout and during the daytime as well.

Will Strip That Fat help you lose weight safely and efficiently, and will you have fun doing it?

Posted on : 11-04-2011 | By : admin | In : Burn Fat, Strip That Fat, Strip That Fat Review

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Can dieting actually be fun?

That is what the creators of Strip That Fat diet system claims it to be. I always have thought dieting is something else, like starving and lot of exercises. I never do any exercise, I know that I should. I eat unhealthy and irregularly. I have couple of extra pounds in my waist, and now it’s time for me to burn fat to get my body in shape. So I started to search for a solution – predictably I found a number of results from my search engine.

So, after finding various programs and methods on the net and being skeptical about pretty much all of them, I discovered something that made me stop. I found Strip That Fat.

There are several bold claims in their site.

  • Their system gives me full control of how I want to lose weight, how much I want to lose, and how quickly I want to lose it
  • Strip That FatI can actually lose more weight by eating more
  • I can burn calories while I am watching TV or even when I’m sleeping
  • Two weeks from now I can lose inches around my waist and drop up to 10lbs in overall weight.
  • I can exercise less, but still lose more weight
  • Their diet program will achieve fat loss that far longer than most other diet plans out there
  • They even claim that their plan will be the “last diet I ever need.”

Sounds little bit strange, will this be possible?

I don’t know about you but before I try something I’d like to first find out a little bit more information. I will definitely going to take a closer look what’s inside. After that I’m going to tell you more…

In the meanwhile….

You have most likely heard of the Strip That Fat system but just in case you haven’t here is a direct link to the official website


Click Here to Learn More About Strip That Fat!